Accident Cards (Form 1180)

Accident Record Cards

Air Ministry Form 1180 was designed to record details of aircraft accidents so that the causes could be analysed and the resulting data used in accident prevention. The original cards – mainly dating from 1929 onwards, although a few have survived from 1919 – are held by the Air Historical Branch, and the RAF Museum has microfilm copies.

To trace a specific No.218 Squadron accident please send me the date and the aircraft type – there are no indexes for location, unit or crew names and I will send off a copy of the Accident Card.

Below are examples of the cards from 1936 up until 1945.


Hawker Hind Incident circa 1936

20140215082836072_015 20140215082836072_016

Fairey Battle Incident circa 1939

20140215083941661_019 20140215083941661_020

Vickers Wellington Incident circa 1941

20140215083159652_040 20140215083159652_043

Short Stirling Incident  circa 1943 (note change in form)

20140215084049657_004 20140215084049657_005

Avro Lancaster Incident circa 1944