Americans who served with No.218 Squadron


No.218 Squadron had within its ranks a number of American airman who for whatever reason made the decision to fly and operate in the uniform of either the RCAF or RAF. Some had joined pre Pearl Harbour while others due to educational issues thought it would be an easier and quicker option to join the RCAF who unlike their counterparts in America did not have a rigid system of selection based on high school achievement and academic results. Americans serving  on No.218 Squadron can be traced back to the 1914-1918 war, 1st Lieutenant Robert G Robinson was awarded the Medal of Honor while serving on the squadron in October 1918, he was just one of a number of American flying with the squadron for operational experience of the De Havilland D.H.9  

No.218 Squadron had an extraordinary mix of nationalities, including Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Dutch, South Africans, Jamaicans and Rhodesians. Almost all arrived in wartime Britain with no previous experience of the British way of life. The following list contains the names of the Yanks who fought and died with No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron. The list is far from complete so any help or information you can provide will be very welcome.  Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.



Sergeant Scott Grover CLEVELAND R/174455 RCAF
Warrant Officer II Desmond Michael DE SILVA DFM R/95750 RCAF
Flight Sergeant Keith Lavon GARMAN R/134226 RCAF
Flight Sergeant Jay Emmett LONGSTAFF R/135092
Warrant Officer II Robert John Thomas LYNN R/102004 RCAF
Flight Sergeant Howard William TRAVER R/133834 RCAF

Prisoner of War

Pilot Officer Irven Granger McDaniel 112297 RAF VR


Pilot Officer Ernest Cozens DFC J/16010 RCAF
Flight Sergeant George Furst 10601025 USAF

Staff Sergeant Fred Cornwell 10601382 USAF

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