Auberive-sur-Suippe Airfield


The estimated position of the airfield.

Mr Joe Stevens, former ground crew who served with the squadron while operational from Auberive provided the above map with his best estimation of the airfields location. Joe also indicted the location of the fuel dump, bomb dump and Guard Room.



The above photo taken from the association archives. It shows squadron officers and their French counterparts deep in discussion.  It is believed to have been taken on October 16th 1939 when the squadron undertook a formation exercise with a French fighter squadron.  However I am not convinced of this and I think the aircraft is a 88 Squadron Fairey Battle.  Advice welcome.



A mechanic holds tight as the rolls Royce Merlin is tested prior to a test flight. There is no doubt about this photograph. Fairey Battle K9272 HA-R & T was taken on charge by 218 Squadron in October 1938 via 185 Squadron.  It was one of the number of squadron Battles lost in France.



The airfield at Auberive was basically  flat and  featureless affording almost no protection from the elements and German aircraft. Here two ground crew enjoy a quite few minutes. In the background a squadron Battle is undergoing an inspection.



A unidentified squadron Fairey Battle prepares to leave its dispersal area. A ground crewman has ready removed the chocks as the pilot opens up the Merlin engine. The Pine trees had to be cut from local woods, they did little to protect the aircraft and airman.