Bristol Blenheim


Bristol Blenheim Mk.I & Mk.IV

Bristols Aircraft Company,Filton
Delivered between February 1938-March 1939
Contract 529181/36
Bristol Blenheim Mk.I

L1137 delivered via No.57 Squadron – 218 Squadron-No.13 O.T.U (used by the squadron as a duel trainer)

Bristol Aircraft Company ,Filton
Delivered between September 1939- January 1940
Contract No.774679/38
62 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

P6959 218 Squadron –  17 OTU dived into ground 03.01.1942

P6960 218 Squadron – To Admiralty 22.05.1944

Rootes Securites Ltd
Delivered between September 1939-November 1939
Contract 551920/37
130 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

L8848 HA-J delivered via No.15 Squadron

Rootes Securites Ltd
Delivered between November 1939 –March 1940
Contract 569202/36
220 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

L9264 delivered via No.4 M.U 05.07.1940
L9298 delivered via No.70 Squadron – O.T.U
L9306 delivered via No.107 Squadron-218 Squadron-No.2 O.T.U
L9308 No details
L9327 To Abbotsinch/FE
L9381 To No.614 Squadron

A.V Roe & Co Ltd
March 1940-June 1940
Contract 588371/36
100 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

N3561 To No.17 O.T.U
N3562 To No.3 O.T.U
N3563 To No.13 O.T.U
N3573 To F.P.P
N3594 To No.82 Squadron
N3625 To No.13 O.T.U

Delivered between April 1939-August 1939
Contract 774679/38
Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

N6183 delivered via No.107 Squadron-218 Squadron-No.107 Squadron

Rootes Securities Ltd
Delivered between June and October 1940
Contract No. 1485/39.
400 Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

T1863 218/75 Wg/74Wg/76Wg/71Wg/526 flew into hill on ferry flight in bad visibility, Morven Hills, near Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, 19.10.43
T1864 HA-B 218 13Gr AAC flt/ 60 OTU/54 OTU flew into ground at night near Kelso, Roxburg, 13.2.43
T1865 218/51 OTU SOC 5.2.45
T1888 218/82 ditched off Malta returning from shipping sweep 19.6.41
T1929 218 collided with L9264 on training flight and crashed 18.8.40
T1987 107/218/203 NFT 19.2.42
T1988 107/218/608/203 engine cut, lost height and bellylanded in western desert 7.7.41
T1990 HA-J 218 crashed at Guines, Pas-de-Calais, after raid on Bruges 23.8.40
T1996 HA-S 218/18/105 to Turkish AF 27.3.42

Rootes Securities Ltd
Delivered between March 1940 to June 1940
Contract B.1485/39
Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV

R3597 Via 10 M.U 28.06.1940. Hit Tree 13.07.1940
R3666 No Details. First Blenheim to be exchanged for the Vickers Wellington 10.11.1940. To 18 Sqdn.
R3673 via No.139 Squadron. To No.21 Squadron