RAF - Harry Fisher's Tour ends

Members of No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron celebrate in the Mess. Please remember the sacrifices of these young men, sadly half the number shown here were dead before VE Day May 8th 1945


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If you read this blog or have an interest in No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron, or have a story about a relative who flew with the squadron, please contact me. I am always happy to try and answer questions on the squadrons activities, but please remember, this can take time. I am always delighted to receive information or photographs on the squadron and its crews, it all adds to the squadron history. The stories of these brave lads needs to be told and recorded before they are lost forever, it is our duty to preserve their memory. From the help I have received over the years, I am delighted to announce that the squadron book “St Vith to Victory”  is now available from Pen & Sword.

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