EF452 HA-O Moonlight over the Alps

In 2005 I commissioned the talented aviation artist Keith Aspinall to paint Arthur Aarons flight over the Alps. Keith was a friend of long standing and had painted Encounter over Witten for me a few years prior. Sadly by the time Keith had time to paint Moonlight over the Alps he had lost one eye to cancer and was suffering problems with his remaining eye. Nevertheless being the utter professional he was Keith struggled on and produced the painting below. It was one of his last aviation commissions. Not long after completing Moonlight over the Alps he hung up his brushes, sadly he died not long afterwards.


Moonlight over the Alps
By Keith Aspinall

The painting depicts the crew of EF452 HA-O crossing over the snow covered Alps. In front is a unidentified Stirling, the cause of the tragedy about to unfold. In the distance is the faint glow of fires in Turin.