Escape & Evasion Reports – Liberation Reports


Recorded below is a list of Escape Reports I have managed to copy from the National Archives at Kew. Unfortunately I have not managed to obtain all of them, some have either been misplaced / filled incorrectly or stolen over the years. The missing Reports are :

 Sgt W H Harris
LAC H B Jones

I have also started collecting and recording the Liberation Reports of airman liberated at the end of the war. These reports were completed by returning airman. Each report included a selection of questions on PoW Camps, treatment, interrogation and escape attempts. To visit one of the best sites on Escape & Evasion click HERE.     To view articles on individual 218 Squadron airman’s  escapes please  click on the surnames in RED.  For an example of a report click HERE

 If you can help with a copy I would be very grateful.

 Escape and Evasion reports are in files WO 208 3298 to 3327 each file contains about 70 reports. The reports were written by MI9 when the evader returned home to England probably at the Great Western Hotel London. They do not have the appendices with the Names and Addresses of the helpers attached.

I am happy to supply copies of the reports to family members or fellow researchers. Please highlight the blue file report below for an example of the document. I have not been able to locate the File for Sergeant William Hamilton who escaped to Switzerland with Sgt Leonard Canning.

Date Rank Name  Airforce Aircraft Ref
11-May-40 W/O STUBBS, P RAF Battle 135
14-May-40 W/O BRYAN, T.J RAF Battle 1729
03-Aug-41 W/Cdr FLETCHER, R.J RAF Wellington 8
11-Oct-41 Sgt HALEY, V.C RAF Wellington 6915
16-May-42 W/O LAWRENCE, W.A RAF Stirling 1225
20-Jun-42 F/Lt PLUNKETT, D.L RAF Stirling 48
03-Nov-42 W/O ASHMEAD-BARTLETT, D.L RAF Stirling 1823
16-Apr-43 Sg CANNING, L.W RAF Stirling 2297
04-May-43 W/O WHITE, J.L RAF Stirling 87
16-Aug-43 Sgt PATERSON, J.L RAF Stirling 1715
30-Aug-43 W/O ROBB, I.A RAF Stirling 1256
31-Aug-43 F/O LORNE, G.F RAF Stirling 1750
06-Nov-43 W/O HYDE, G.N RNZAF Stirling 537
20-Apr-44 F/Sgt PEPALL, D RAF Stirling 365
20-Apr-44 P/O O’NEILL, F.H RAAF Stirling 2238
22-Apr-44 P/O FISHER, H.J RAF Stirling 2281
22-Apr-44 F/Sgt BOSSICK, H RAF Stirling 2394
22-Apr-44 F/O THOMAS, H.D RCAF Stirling 2018
23-Apr-44 W/O McPHEE, A.J RCAF Stirling 2019
23-Apr-44 F/Sgt CLAY, L RAF Stirling 272
01-May-44 Sgt WEIR, C.F RAF Stirling 2114
01-May-44 F/O ELIOT, N RAAF Stirling 2119
01-May-44 Sgt WRIGHT, E.W RAF Stirling 2080
01-May-44 F/Sgt LYNCH, K.J RAAF Stirling 2216
01-May-44 F/O TAYLOR, S.D RCAF Stirling 2134
02-May-44 Sgt WILSON, H.F RAF Stirling 2442