Flight Lieutenant Patrick Legge Crew


The following photographs are published with the kind permission of John Wilkins in New Zealand. John, like me is of the opinion that these photographs should be viewed, shared, and enjoyed by all. The following gives a fascinating insight into the crew’s activities on No.218 Squadron during the early months of 1945. Thank you John.

Black Mammy Lancaster Bomber crew abt1943_zpskxzsdbrr

The crew of Flight Lieutenant Patrick (Pat) Legge RAFVR. Left to right, Sgt E Kett (rear gunner), Sgt N Hunt (mid upper), F/O F Jones (bomb aimer) F/Lt Pat Legge (pilot) F/O R West (Navigator) sgt J Harding (flight engineer) W/O F Woodward RNZAF (wireless operator)

218 Squardron Chedburgh -6-_zpsnbhtsadn

Here the crew are seen relaxing. It is believed this photo was taken at RAF Chedburgh. Note the bicycles, an essential piece of equipment !!

218 Squardron Chedburgh -11-_zpszjdlfwuw

A real gem of a photo, Flying Officers Jones and West looking decidedly happy.

crew on station -2-_zpsgx212rn5 (1)

Another lovely photograph, left gunners Sgt Hunt, Sgt Kett and the crews flight engineer Sgt Harding.

crew on station -3-_zpsir0vxeur

The crews flight engineer, Sergeant J Harding standing in front of the port undercarriage.

crew on station -5-_zpst5yhdqin

The crews New Zealand Wireless Operator, W/O Frank Woodward RNZAF. What is of interest he wears the air gunner brevet.



218 Squardron Chedburgh -8-_zpswtdlmktk - Copy

The skipper, Flight Lieutenant Pat Legge.

crew on station -9-_zpshemzyfcg

Flying Officer Jones taking it easy.

218 Squardron Chedburgh -9-_zpsnibje8ih

A in flight photograph of F/O Jones and unknown catching up with some sleep! The pillow was not standard RAF issue !!


crew on station -4-_zpsoo2atxat

A WW2 selfie !! Pat Legge at the controls, with Sgt Harding on his right. Believed to be Sgt Kett looking into camera.

crew on station -6-_zpsso4pwnok (1)

A classic photograph of Black Mammy. Sergeant Harding looks out the pilots window.