Hawker Hind


A stunning photograph of a Hawker Hind of No.12 (Bomber) Squadron. This view graphically shows the streamline features of this wonderful 1930’s light bomber.



Delivered between January and August 1936.

Contract 404654/35

K5371 18.08.1937 To No.142 Sqdn, 14.02.1938 Via No.139 Sqdn

K5371 18.08.1937 To No.49 Sqdn, 25.02.1938 Via No.139 Sqdn

K5389 24.03.1936 PD, 21.03.1938 Via 1 ASU

K5390 24.03.1936 Tipped up taxying, Upper Hayford, 17.02.1937;ROS To No.57 Sqdn, 03.02.1938 Via 1 ASU

K5391 24.03.1936 Crashed 28.07.1937.NFD. SoC 06.09.1937 (302.45hrs) Via 1 ASU

K5392 24.03.1936 To No.603 Sqdn, 06.12.1938 Via 1 ASU

K5409 03.02.1938 To PD 21.03.1938 Via 3 ASU

K5441 30.03.1936 To No.34 Sqdn,16.02.1938

K5516 11.06.1936 Wing folded during recovery from dive during dive bombing practice. Theddlethorpe Range, Linc, 06.10.1936. Wreck to North Coates. SoC 11.12.1936 (45.45hrs) Two crewmembers killed.

K5517 16.06.1936 Undercarriage collapsed on landing in haze, 01.12.1936. ROS

 Delivered between November 1936 and August 1937

Contract 424397/35

K6627 19.11.1936 To No.603 Sqdn 11.02.1938

K6628 20.11.1936 Forced landed while and hit wall attempting to overshoot, Barnard Castle, Co.Durham, 16.09.1937.Wreck to Catterick. S.O.C 08.01.1938. (229.10hrs)

K6629 30.11.1936 Tipped up taxying, Odiham 20.02.1937.ROS.To 603 Sqdn 06.02.1938

K6630 20.11.1936 Lost formation in bad visibility, hit tree in force landing, Kirby Bellars, Leics 15.07.1937. Wreck to 3FTS 17.07.1937. S.O.C 13.09.1937. (115.35hrs)

K6631 16.11.1936 To No.142 Sqdn 14.02.1938

K6632 Engine cut, lost height hit sea descending out of cloud off Workingham, Cumberland, 26.11.1937 Two crewmembers Killed.  (301.30hrs)

K6633 30.11.1936 To 18 Sqdn 30.03.1938

K6755 01.04.1937 To No.603 Sqdn 06.02.1938