Lewin Bowring Duggan 03226 RAF


Wing Commander Lewin Bowring Duggan seen here in France 1939


Wing Commander Lewin Bowring Duggan 03226 RAF

Born January : 1899
Married : 1929
Retired RAF : 29th September 1946
Died : 1984 Cornwall

Lewin Bowring Duggan was seconded for service in the RAF on July 30th 1918, where he  was granted a temporary commission as 2nd Lt (A. & S).   Prior to his joining the R.A.F he had previously served as with the 1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment as a 2nd Lt.  By the end of the Great War it is understood that he had served with No.99 Squadron flying the DH9 light bomber.

The Feb 1919 RAF Air Force Lists records his appointment to a commission in that service as a land and seaplane pilot dated 30 Jul 1918. Posted to No.23 Group Headquarters based at St Vincent’s, Grantham in January 1927.  As a Flight Lieutenant was commanding officer of 421 (Fleet Spotter) Flight based at Gosport  from 9 Jul 1928 until the Flight was disbanded on 26 April 1929. Still as Flt Lt, was the Commanding Officer of 447  (Fleet Spotter) Flight aboard HMS Furious from 26 Apr 1929 until 19 Feb 1931, when Flt Lt J B Heath, RN took over. The flight operated the Napier Lion engine Fairey IIIF biplane.  There next followed a posting to RAF Training Base Leuchers in April 1931.  It is understood that Lewin also served aboard both the Aircraft Carrier HMS Glorious. His last home service was adjutant at RAF Abingdon before he was posted to Hinaidi in Iraq in November 1935 where he was employed on photographic staff duties in which he specialized in 1923. 

Promoted squadron leader 1st February 1936 he assumed command of No.218 (Bomber) Squadron January 4th 1938. Promoted wing commander January 1st 1939 he led the squadron to France in 1939 and commanded throughout the French Campaign.  On the squadron’s arrival back in England in June 1940, he oversaw the conversion from the single engine Battle to the twin engine Blenheim.

There is some confusion in regards of Wing Commander Duggan’s movement just prior and after he was posted. He took temporary command of RAF Station Oakington in July 1940, followed by posting for special duties to RAF Thoney Island on September 11th 1940 for two weeks (reason unknown) and RAF Swanton Morley in September 1940 (reason unknown).  There is also a report that records Duggan being posted to No.3 School of Technical Training at Blackpool as wing commander admin.  He was promoted to temporary Group Captain 1st September 1941.

 Any additional information you can add to this officers flying career well be most welcome.