Liberation Reports

This is a typical example of a Liberation Report. They can vary in detail and are often difficult to read as the reports are written in pencil. Nevertheless they are a valuable piece of information when researching the movements of individual airman.

WO344-312-1 TaylorAT1 WO344-312-1 TaylorAT2 WO344-312-1 TaylorAT3

The above report was submitted by Flying Officer Alec Taylor RAFVR.   He and his crew failed to return from a raid on Nurnburg on August 10th 1943. Their aircraft Short Stirling EE885 HA-G was hit by incendiaries from above while over the target area. All the crew apart from the pilot, Canadian Flight Sergeant Stuart Fillmore RCAF survived. This was the crews 7th operation and F/Sgt Fillmore’s 9th.