Avro Lancaster aircraft of No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron August 1944 to May 1945

Ray aircraft

Metropolitan Vickers built PD296 HA-B RAF Chedburgh 1944. The aircraft arrived on the squadron direct from AV Roe on August 28th 1944. It was lost on a daylight operation to Cologne / Gremberg Marshalling Yard January 28th 1945. Hit by flak the aircraft crashed at 14:00hrs at Bergisch-Gladbach, 10 miles ENE of the centre of Cologne. The pilot was Warrant Officer Gilbert Evers who was on his last operation of his tour.

Alf Cowley RAAF & Crew

A poor quality photo but well worth viewing. This G-H equipped Lancaster, PD223 HA-U was the regular mount of Australian Flight Lieutenant Alf Cowley RAAF and crew. A Metropolitan Vickers built Mk.I the aircraft arrived via No.XV Squadron (it did not operate) on July 30th 1944. The aircraft had P.I engine failure during an operation on January 13th 1945 and required the attention of No.54 MU in March 1945 but otherwise lead a charmed life.