Airfield Memorials

Auberive 27-09-2013 008

Note the flat featureless fields in the distance, once the home to the Fairey Battles of No.218 (Bomber) Squadron

The memorial is placed on the edge of the former airfield of Aubérive on the road which runs between Reims and Suippes in honour of the brave crews of No.218 (Bomber) Squadron and to the memory of the parachutist (IPFO of Avignon-Pujaut).

This wonderful memorial was unveiled on September 28th 2013 by the Mayor of Aubérive Passcal Lorrain.  The memorial was organised by the municipality of Aubérive and the Association Maison Rouge – musée du terrain d’aviation de Condé-VRAUX and the association’s president Gerard Faux who very kindly donated the photographs.

There is a wonderful museum with a collection of aviation and war-time memorabilia at Vraux. The museum is run by enthusiasts with a passion for history.

Stèle Aubérive 28-09-2013 024121

A Tiger Moth above the memorial on September 28th 2013.

From the squadrons first airfield to the last. The memorial at former RAF Chedburgh, Suffolk. Dedicated  to the squadrons who operated from this airfield from 1942 until 1945.


A simple but effective memorial in honour of the crews who served and died while operating from RAF Chedburgh


Lest We Forget

The squadron’s long term home was RAF Downham Market. The airfield was unique in that within the station it had its own church, Bexwell (St Marys). Just outside the church is a memorial to the two airman who were awarded the Victoria Cross while operational from the airfield, one of which was Flight Sergeant Arthur Aaron VC DFM.  In side this Anglo Saxon church is a wall mounted memorial stone in memory to the squadrons and the crews who served from it during WW.II Sadly there is no memorial to the squadron crews who served and died from the airfield. An appeal was set up in 2015 however for whatever reason there has been very little development and seems to have stalled.  With the future of Downham Market moving steadily towards a major new and exciting development the need to honour and remember the aircrews is more urgent than ever. Downham Market will be one of the very few former Bomber Command stations without a fitting memorial.   


The VC Memorial


In side the church an impressive stone memorial.