Miscellaneous Aircraft

The squadron had a number of “hack” aircraft during its operational life, some were used to ferry or pick up stranded crews or used for ease of movement by senior officers or base commanders. There were also those  used for training, I will when discovered add the aircraft and any history associated with them.

anson 1

The squadron received two Avro Anson Mk.I’s on July 25 1940, these were to be used as navigational aircraft while the squadron was working up on the Blenheim. Both aircraft arrived via RAF Upper Heyford. Their stay was brief as both were returned on August 12 1940 to their parent unit.

N5010 No.75 Sqdn  – 15 O.T.U (To the RCAF but lost in sea on route11.03.1941)
N5014 7/6 AONS-25 O.T.U -15 PAFU – 5 AOS -2 PAFU  – 16 PFTS (SoC 08.05.1946)

Airspeed Oxford Mk.I


V4197 1516 Flt/16 PFTS/Downham Market/Mildenhall/Syerston/Fulbeck/5 Gp CF


D.H Tiger Moth

EM910 1651 HCU 1665 HCU 14 EFTS


The following list of aircraft was compiled from various No.218 Squadron flying log books.  It is not known if the aircraft were on squadron strength as a general purpose “hack” or used by the base or station.


Miles Magister.

On return from France the squadron used the “Maggie” for local flying while based at RAF Mildenhall. The following serials are taken via S/Ldr Aults Log Book of the time.

L5943 HQBC, Northholt, 3 Gp CF Flight Stradishall, 316/Hutton
SF Mildenhall, 3 Gp CF, ATA/RAE Staff Coll Flt.
P6457 Mildenhall, 3 Gp CF
R1859 24 EFTS, 60 OTU, 132 OTU

Flight Lieutenant I. G Richmond was one of the squadrons longest serving pilots. His log book shows a number of aircraft flown during his time with the squadron including the Blackburn Skua. The following aircraft were flown between May 1938 and May 1939.

Miles Master Mk.I
L5942 Boscombe Down (presumed lost in France June 1940
Avro Anson Mk.I
L9155 24,BATDU, WIDU,109

Miles Mentor Mk.I
L4400 24, 11 Gp Pool

Percival Gull III
P1752 24