Photograph Help

Over the years I have had a number of photographs sent to me without any captions or details with them. All I know is that they are “believed” to be of members of No.218 Squadron. The vast majority I have managed to discover the crew or individual by cross referencing other photographs or calling upon the assistance of former squadron members. In the hope that there is a family member, an ex veteran or a fellow researcher who can help with identifying these photographs I will be posting these photographs over the coming months.

If you can help please, get in contact. Thank you.

Sadly, it is becoming increasingly regular for photographs which have been contributed by families / members and published on this site to be copied without permission and used on other sites without the common decency of asking Not only is this disrepectful to the association but the individuals who kindly donated them. I have taken the steps to modify all photographs from September 1st 2016 in such a way that they can be identified as originating from this web site. Any individual / remembrance sites using photographs without permission will be identified on this site.


A poor quality photograph of a squadron Avro Lancaster. The nose art is hard to determine but it looks like “Curly the Catapiller”. The assemble crew are unknown as is the aircrafts identity.



A Wonderful photograph of a unknown crew. The date, aircraft and the location are unknown. Can you help?



The squadron Badge. An hourglass. The hourglass symbolises the late forming of the squadron during the 1914-18 war, the golden sand having almost run through. Authority: King George VI, December 1937. This beautiful hand made brass and copper, on English oak, with a perspex hour glass. Produced by the squadron ground crews, the attention to detail is wonderful, the maker, origin and age are unknown. It is known to have been at RAF Marham in 1941 and subsequently adorned each of the commanding officers desks. Can you help with details, was it made pre-war, by who?

Unknown Crew ~1

One of a number of unidentified crews who served on the squadron. Can you help with the name of his happy bunch ?

UPDATE : I have just found out that this is the crew of Leslie Crawford RAAF. Les joined the squadron on December 18th 1944. He and his crew started operations in December 1944c and had by VE Day flown 24 operations plus 5 Manna trips. It is believed that the Lancaster is ME860 XH-G of “C”-Flight. 

Unknown crew pt1

Another unknown crew, seen above and below. Who are they ?

Unknown crew Pt2


Two 218 Squadron pilots stand beside an unidentified pranged Fairey Battle circa 1938. The squadron was based at RAF Boscombe Down at the time. Can anyone name the two young pilots and date the incident?


An unidentified member of 218 Squadron “Hanging out the washing”. This is a photograph from a batch from the squadron archives. Can anyone recognise the church? The photo is dated 1939, France.

A recent email from  Michele Coiz from north east Italy, confirms that this is the church at Auberive sur Suippes, Michele, himself a former member of the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force) kindly sent in the photo below which clearly shows the distinctive tower. Thank you Michele.

Auberive sur Suippes

Crew returning from Essen March 11th 1945 via Miles Tripp

Unknown crew returning from Essen March 11th 1945.


A poor quality photograph of both Air & Ground crews. No further detail known.

Parachute and Cloakroom Staff Chedbrough

The writing on the back records parachute and cloakroom staff.
However flying brevets say otherwise, who are these aircrew?

scan0001 scan0002

Can anyone identify this airman? He appears to have served

On both No.218 and No.75(NZ) Squadron

MDS00020 MDS00021

Four young airman under training at RAF Stradishall. The reverse of the photo records their names,

Hayward is recorded as killed, Sid Wilson with 218 Squadron, Alex Heard “Chop over Essen” and Ken “Stradishall 218 Squadron”   Sid was shot down with 218 and ended up a PoW, I cannot find anything relating to Alex Heard or Hayward?


Sergeant Air Gunner Sid Wilson.