Progress is no friend of History, but it could be ?


It is sad to report that another aviation land mark has been removed from RAF Downham Market.  The last remaining dispersal point was dug up over the last few weeks, along with all that remained from Runway “A”.  The excavators have not stopped there, the peri track on what was “C” Flight ( Hall Farm ) has started to be removed, this is a considerable amount of track.



With Oak Woods in the back ground the last remaining dispersal point was removed. The fresh earth stands out against the lush green grass, the distinctive  circular shape can be easily identified. What tragedies unfolded from this very spot, how many young men took off from this dispersal never to return.

The association is not against development or progress at Downham Market far from it. But we are concerned that if the runway / dispersal pan and peri track can be ripped up without any consideration for partial preservation,  what does the future hold for the remaining buildings?  The association is not judging the owners, they have their reasons to remove them. But surely something can be done to honour the memory of all those who served and died at RAF Downham Market utilising an original structure or building. There is a unique opportunity on this airfield to combine modern development with historical preservation, the crew locker rooms are a prime example,  lets put preservation before profit and ego’s !!!


Not the exact dispersal but very close. A scene copied all over East Anglia a Short Stirling at dispersal. In this case a 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron aircraft circa 1943.


The last section that remained of runway “A” seen here recently. Sadly like the dispersal pan it was broken up and removed.