RAF Station Chedburgh (Pundit code : CU)


RAF Chedburgh 1945


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HA-Q Edith

Avro Lancaster Mk.B III, LM577 ‘HA-Q’ “Edith”, of No. 218 Squadron on hardstanding No.30 at RAF Chedburgh, Suffolk. In the background is “C” Flights PD229 XH-D a GH Leader. Behind her is “T2” Hanger No.1 to the left is Hanger B.1 No.7


Looking east across the technical site. The photograph was taken above what was Rookery Farm.

MDS00055 - Copy

The looking south towards the Technical Site. The Marquis Cornwallis Pub upper centre.



Poor quality photo of the derelict Chedburgh control tower in the early 1950’s.


Another view. For a period the airfield and it buildings was used as dairy farm.

A wonder Pathe News link on the airfield. http://www.britishpathe.com/video/aerodrome-farm