Sergeant Malcom Mitchem DFM Flight Engineer Log Book Details

The list below is facsimile of the Log Book of Sergeant  Malcom Mitchem flight Engineer to Sergeant Arthur Aaron. I have made no changes to the information originally recorded in the log book. Please click on Blue for a copy of the Combat Report and Green for a copy of the Target Photograph.

No.1657 Conversion Unit
18.03.1943 Stirling BK613-Z Circuits & Landing 3.00hrs (D) F/O Johnston+
S/L Savage++
30.03.1943 Stirling W7455-F Circuits & Landing – Tactics 2.45hr(D) Sgt Aaron
P/O Hooke+++
31.03.1943 Stirling B9353-I Circuits & Landings 3.20hrs(D) Sgt Aaron
W/O Eby
01.04.1943 Stirling N6104-B Circuits & Landings 1.20hrs(D) Sgt Aaron
02.04.1943 Stirling W7455-F Circuits & Landings 2.30hrs(D) Sgt Aaron
03.04.1943 Stirling N3767-E Circuits & Landings 3.20hrs(D) Sgt Aaron
04.04.1943 Stirling R9296-G Circuits & Landings 2.35hrs(D) Sgt Aaron
F/Lt Spear *
05.04.1943 Stirling W7622-S Loaded climb-X Country PH Bombs 5.30hrs(D) Sgt Aaron
09.04.1943 Stirling B9353-I Circuits & Landings 1.30hrs(D) Sgt Aaron
10.04.1943 Stirling BF354-G Circuits & Landings 2.10hrs(D) Sgt Aaron
11.04.1943 Stirling N3767-E Circuits & Landings 3.40hrs(N) Sgt Aaron
P/O Hooke
12.04.1943 Stirling N3767-E Circuits & Landing 2hrs(N) Sgt Aaron
P/O Hooke
13.04.1943 Stirling N3767-R Circuits & Landings 3.50hrs(N) Sgt Aaron
P/O Hooke
14.04.1943 Stirling W7574-X Night X-Country 5hrs (N) Sgt Aaron
P/O Thomson**
15.04.1943 Stirling BF354-G Circuits & Landings 1hr(N) Sgt Aaron
No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron “C” Flight
21.04.1943 Stirling BF413-T Local Flying 1.25hrs(D)
22.04.1943 Stirling BF585-W Local Flying 1hrs (D)
22.04.1943 Stirling BF413-T Local Flying 1hrs(N)
27.04.1943 Stirling EF356-O Gardening (Frisian Islands)  4.20hrs
02.05.1943 Stirling BF405 Air Test .45hrs(D)
03.05.1943 Stirling BF405 Air Firing 1hrs(D)
04.05.1943 Stirling N3721-J Acceptance Test-After major inspection 1.45hrs
07.05.1943 Stirling N3721-J Air Test 1hrs(D)
11.05.1943 Stirling N3721-J Air Test 1.20hrs(D)
13.05.1943 Stirling N3721-J Air Test .45hrs(D)
13.05.1943 Stirling N3721-J Operations to Bochum ( Incendairies ) 5.05hrs
15.05.1943 Stirling N3721-J Air Firing-50 rounds from front turret 1hrs(D)
25.05.1943 Stirling BF572-K Air Test .45hrs(D)
25.05.1943 Stirling BF572-K Loaded Climb – Bombing 1.45hrs
25.05.1943 Stirling BF572-K Operations Dusseldorf. 2.30hrs Returned early oxygen U/S
28.05.1943 Stirling BF572-K Air Test 1hrs(D)
29.05.1943 Stirling BF572-K Operations Wuppertal (H.E & Incend) 4.30hrs 
30.05.1943 Stirling BF572-K Operation Gardening, La Rochelle.  6.35hrs Diverted RAF Boscombe Down
03.06.1943 Stirling BF572-K Return from Boscombe Down 1hr(D)
04.06.1943 Stirling EF352-Q Air Test 1hr(D)
07.06.1943 Stirling EF352-Q Loaded Climb 2hrs
11.06.1943 Stirling EF352-Q Air Test 1hr(D)
11.06.1943 Stirling EF352-Q Operations Dusseldorf (Incend) 4.10hrs Attacked by Me109. No damage
12.06.1943 Stirling EF430 Acceptance Test 1hr(D)
13.06.1943 Stirling BF572-K A/S Rescue Search. No sightings 4hrs(N)
14.06.1943 Stirling EH858 Acceptance Tesy .55hrs(D) F/Lt Ryall DFC
15.06.1943 Stirling BK700-L Air Test .55hrs(D)
16.06.1943 Stirling EF352-Q Air Test .50hrs(D)
18.06.1943 Stirling EF352-Q Air Test .45hrs(D)
21.06.1943 Stirling BF568-B Operations Krefeld (Incend) 3.30hrs Slight Flak Damage
22.06.1943 Stirling BF567-P Base to Lissett-Return 2.15hrs
22.06.1943 Stirling BF567-P Operations Mulheim (Incend) 3.30hrs Slight Flak Damage
24.06.1943 Stirling BF567-P Operations Wuppertal (Elberfeld) (Incend) 4.20hrs Slight Flak Damage
25.06.1943 Stirling BF567-P Operations Gelsenkirchen (Incend) 4hrs 10/10th Cloud
27.06.1943 Stirling EF425 Acceptance Test 1hr(D)
28.06.1943 Stirling BF567-P Air Test 1hrs(D)
28.06.1943 Stirling BF567-P Operations Cologne (Incend) 4.15hrs Slight Flak Damage
10.07.1943 Stirling N3721-J Air Firing-Fighter Affil 1hr(D)
12.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Air Test 1hr(D)
13.07.1943 Stirling 937 Loaded Climb 1.30hrs(D)
14.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Fighter Affil 1.05hrs(D) Fighter gave up
15.07.1943 Stirling BK700-L Formation Exercise-X Country 1.15hrs(D)
16.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O H.L Bombing 1.30hrs(D)
17.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Day Bullseye & H.L.Bombing 4.20hrs(D)
22.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Air Test 1hr(D)
24.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Operations Hamburg (Incend & HE) 6.15hrs
25.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Operations Essen (Incend) 4.00hrs
27.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Operations Hamburg (Incend) 5.00hrs
29.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Operations Hamburg 5.20hrs Hit on F.Turret by S.B.C drop bar
30.07.1943 Stirling BK761-O Operations Remscheid (Incend) 4.30hrs  Dam by 2 incend. Fire in fuselage. Fuel leak S.I engine
(Award-Pilot-D.F.M) fire put out whilst coned in Searchlights
01.08.1943 Stirling EH452 Air Test 1hrs(D)
02.08.1943 Stirling EH452 Operations Hamburg  4.15hrs  Duty Not Carried Out
12.08.1943 Stirling EH452 Air Test-Low Flying  .50hrs(D)
12.08.1943 Stirling EH452 Operations Turin (H.E & Incend) Shot up by A/C Navigator killed. Pilot died of wounds
B/A & Self wounded. Crash landed at Bone in North
Africa with 2 -100lb & 1 -500lb HE Hung Up
10.09.1943 Halifax  DK143-W Bone to Gibraltar 4.35hrs(D) F/Sgt Countess
14.09.1943 Halifax  DK143-W Gibraltar to Base 9.25hrs F/Sgt Countess
No.1665 Conversion Flight “D” Flight
09.10.1943 Stirling EJ455-F Base to Westcott -Woolfox Lodge-Return 2hrs(D) S/Ldr Saunders DFC ***
16.10.1943 Stirling R9143- Air Test .30hrs(D) S/Ldr Saunders DFC
17.10.1943 Stirling R9285 X Country 6.25hrs(N) S/Ldr Saunders DFC
19.10.1943 Stirling EF351 X-Country D.R.C – U/S DNCO .30hrs(D) F/O Peryer
20.10.1943 Stirling EF351 X Country 4.20hrs(D) S/Ldr Saunders DFC
21.10.1943 Stirling EF351 X Country 3.35hrs(D) S/Ldr Saunders DFC
22.10.1943 Stirling EF351 X Country 4hrs(D) S/Ldr Saunders DFC
27.10.1943 Stirling W7623 X Country 4.15hrs P/O Mitchell DFC

* Flight Lieutenant Roy Spear DFC RNZAF  former 218 Squadron (screened on completion of tour)
** Pilot Officer Donald Thomson DFC  RNZAF  former 218 Squadron (screened on completion of tour)
*** Squadron Leader Howard Saunders DFC RCAF  former 218 Squadron flight commander (screened on completion of tour)

+ Flying Officer Johnston ( This could be F/O A Johnston former 218 Squadron)
++ Squadron Leader Savage ( This could be F/O J Savage former of 218 Squadron)
+++ Pilot Officer Bob Hooke ( screened pilot 214 (FMS) Squadron)