Squadron Artwork


The squadrons of No.3 Group RAF Bomber Command unlike their brothers-in-arms based in Lincolnshire did not receive the war-time attention so generously  lavished upon their northern neighbours. This rather one sided affection seems to continue even today, with a myriad of paintings which seem to be produced with some regularity every May !!!

There are, if you look hard enough some No.3 Group squadron paintings, and if you look harder still some depicting the aircraft of No.218 Squadron.  Below are some of those that are available. They are in no particular order, and I must stress, I am not on a commission!!!!


     Overshoot the Greens TI’s

This stunning painting by the artist Mark Postlethwaite depicts 218 (Gold Coast) attacking St Vith, Boxing Day 1944. This wonderful print can be brought direct from Mark by clicking HERE.


Michael Turner “Fairey Battle”


Seen here over a snow covered French landscape three Fairey Battles of No.218 (Bomber) Squadron, AASF are put through their passes, January 1940.


Adam Tooby

A Short Stirling of No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron setting out on a raid on Germany. This breath-taking print so graphically captures the beauty of the Stirling against the fading light with the last brief flicker of sunlight. This print can be brought direct from the artist Adam by clicking HERE.


Vickers Wellington by Barry Price


Vickers Wellington Mk.Ic’s of No.218 Squadron summer 1941. Sorry about the quality of this lovely print.

I am also aware of a number of commissioned oil painting in private collections, please click HERE to view a selection.