Squadron Books

During my many happy years of being involved with No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron Association and No.623 Squadron I have been privileged to have corresponded  with many former veterans and their families. Sadly, these brave men and women who served on the squadrons  are becoming increasingly few. I am privileged to say that a few of the these veterans I can call friends, and I am honoured to do so.  Over the years I have tried in my own humble way to put into print their exploits. I am no scholar, just a working class bloke from Deptford, South East London.  

The interviews, numerous letters and emails over the past 20 odd years have allowed me to put into print some of the their memories and anecdotes, interspersed with original photographs. 

My first book records the history of No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron, titled “St Vith To Victory” published by Pen & Sword. 


I want to thank everyone for their help past and present and to someone in particular who’s  encouragement, excitement and enthusiasm made all the difference, they know who they are! A BIG thank you.

My follow-up book is on No.623 Squadron, formed from No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron. ” A Short War” is published by Mention The War Publications. Click here . To view my 623 Squadron website, please click Here



My third book which will be published once again by Mention the War Publications is titled ” A Stirling Effort” and records the history of RAF Downham Market Between July 1942 and March 1944. This 550 page history includes over 130 photographs and records every operational loss, aircrew fatalities, aircraft used and chronicles  every operation flown from this iconic airfield. 



I hope to publish one final book next year, this book with cover in depth the squadrons conversion to the Avro Lancaster in August 1944 and the daylight bombing operations against Hitler Oil plants. It will also cover the squadrons use of the precision bombing aid GH.

If you can help with any information on these forgotten squadrons, PLEASE drop me a line. THANK YOU.