Squadron Leader Geoff Rothwell DFC & bar

No.149 (East India) Squadron.
Date Target Aircraft Comments
04.04.1943 Kiel BF505 OJ-U Bombed TI Markers
06.04.1943 Mining BF505 OJ-U Mines laids as ordered, parachute seen
10.04.1943 Frankfurt BF505 OJ-U Believed to be Frankfurt, 10/10 cloud
26.04.1943 Duisburg BF505 OJ-U Visbility clear no clouds bombed Green TI Markers
04.05.1943 Dortmund BF505 OJ-U Visbility clear no clouds   TI Markers in bomb sight
12.05.1943 Duisburg BF505 OJ-U Clear apart from industrial haze
13.05.1943 Bochum BF505 OJ-U Hazy but no cloud, bombed Green TI Markers
23.05.1943 Dortmund BF505 OJ-U Bombed on concentration of Green TI Markers
25.05.1943 Dusseldorf BF505 OJ-U 9/10 cloud DR run from Yellow TI Markers
11.06.1943 Dusseldorf BF505 OJ-U Thin cloud, bombed on Red TI Markers
No.620 Squadron
Date Target Aircraft Comments
19.06.1943 Le Creusot BF503 QS-U Target attacked.
21.06.1943 Krefeld BF503 QS-U Target attacked
24.06.1943 Wuppertal BF503 QS-U Target attacked. Wing Commander Lee 2nd pilot
No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron
Date Target Aircraft Comments
30.06.1943 Remscheid EE909 HA-H Bombed from 17000ft in centre of TA Markers
No.623 Squadron
Date Target Aircraft Comments
10.08.1943 Nuremburg EH925 IC-C Attacked target from 16,000ft, completely covered by cloud
16.08.1943 Turin EH925 IC-C Slight light & heavy flak, weather hazy over target
27.08.1943 Nuremburg EH925 IC-C Returned early S/O u/s. 2nd pilot Sgt Fogaty RAFVR
30.08.1943 Gladbach EH925 IC-C No cloud, bombed on good concentration of TI’s.