Squadron sergeant air and ground crews March 1940.

218 Squadron Sargeants Mess March 1940 - Copy (2)

France, March 1940. Wing Commander Duggan and the squadron sergeants. The majority of NCO aircrew in this photograph would sadly be killed on operations during the frantic days of May 1940

I am indebted to Mr A J Marsh for allowing the association to publish this wonderful photograph. John hopes that the relatives of those shown in the photograph will get some satisfaction knowing that their loved ones are not forgotten and their sacrifices are remembered. Thank you John. I would also like to thank Mr Clive Brookes for his help with obtaining this wonderful photograph.

 A gentle plea, please don’t just copy this photograph and use it on other sites, it is here as a tribute to the men of No.218 (Bomber) Squadron who fought a desperate battle between 1939-1940 while stationed in France with the AASF.

Captions to 218 Squadron Sargeant's Mess March 1940

The names of those photographed are recorded on the back.