Target Photos

The following page contains a small selection of squadron Target Photographs.  I have managed to collect to date the following periods and will be happy to supply copies of individual crew target photos free-of-charge to relatives and fellow researchers upon request.

November 1942-March 1943
June-October 1943
December 1944
January – April 1945

The images below are daylight photographs. From mid October 1944 No.3 Group was primarily occupied with carrying out precision daylight operations against key Germany targets, especially oil installations and marshalling yards.  These are but a few of the photographs in my collection.  

Bombing Photo0002

Cologne “Q” 2nd March 1945

Gelsenkircken Nixon crew 2

Gelsenkirchen Benzol refinery 22nd February 1945

Gremberg 2

Gremberg Marshalling Yards. 28th January 1945

St Vith Knight Crew 2

St Vith Troop concentrations. 26th December 1944

The images below are taken at night. It is immediately obvious that ground details are in most cases almost impossible to identify. Flak and searchlights leave eerie patterns on the exposure. It would be up to the photographic  intelligence section to determine the success or otherwise of the bombing.


Berlin 23/24th August 1943


Berlin 31st/1st September 1943


Boulogne 8th/9th September 1943.
The French coast line can be clearly seen on this photo.


Modane Railway Yards 16th/17th September 1943.
The French countryside can be clearly seen in this photograph.


Kassel 3rd/4th October 1943